An 11 month program that guides you to the ascension process with 11 scribed books and 7 infinite mastery tools. Receive your divine soul blueprint scribed direct from God source intelligence 




Divine soul mastery is the unique method used to master your life in a way that is aligned with the most highest divine plan of your soul. This method utilizes the God Source intelligence system within each human being. There is simply no other way to master your life, but by absolutely following the plan that God initially created for you in this lifetime. 


You see there are an infinite amount of abundance that is owed to you by your highest destiny. This abundance comes from your soul core essence. This abundance is who you are at a passionate level no matter how much you try to plan your life, this plan of God intelligence will always over take all logical plans. You see the heart involves practice and discipline in order to use it you must know how to manipulate the correct answers that are stored within the heart of any human being. The heart core controls the mental and physical system only if you allow it to. 


Will you take the time to actually see that this system is the infinite plan of your life? It is all within you, but how so we access it? How do we find it? How do we activate the ultimate soul mission of God? What is our service to humanity? Is it made by our logical understanding or is it already created within our hearts, in our DIVINE SOUL BLUEPRINT? 


How will we reach this plan if we are not connected to divine source intelligence?


The answer is simple. You see there is dynamic way of life that is like an art form, this dynamic way is all about meditation and prayer and using our physical vessel as a temple whereby we receive all the knowledge and wisdom that we need in order to excel to the highest divine potential of our being. We are the intelligent system of light and divine creation, only we know how to create from light, but first we must activate this light. How do you know if your light is activated? How do you see that your light is bright? How can you know if you are actually using your light in your creations? Who told you that you are of the light if you do not have this connection? 


You see there are many times one can assume that their light if golden and shining everyday, but did you know that you can use your ego to shine light on something that is really not of GOD or of the highest divine intelligence? Yes, you must be sure that your work is of the highest divine source. 


The 11 scribed books. 

These books have all the methods and tools that you can use to determine every factor of your ascension journey.


What is the ascension journey?

The ascension is the ceremony of you actually becoming the highest divine potential of your soul immaculately living as you were created by GOD at the spark of your soul. Everything is within. Everything is possible with the divine soul essence at its highest frequency and potential. Immaculate manifesting power starts when you finally reach the ascension and soul mastery. There is simply no other way to achieve the golden way of life and true ABUNDANCE! 


The destiny your create is something that is not seen with the logic system we usually use, heres why……

You see there's no way to actually see that divine love is actually the best way to live in harmony with the earth. It is something that usually happens naturally by the way of a decision you make within your heart. It happens so naturally and affectively that there is no way to determine if this accurately comes from the heart unless you are connected to your higher soul. This program will show you how to connect and if you are already connected, you will learn how to use the tools and methods to attract everything that is of the highest divine, into your life in all areas, love, career, family decisions, lifestyle changes and a complete immaculate life of God.


The most appropriate way to use this program

To us this program, you must move forward and make your path aligned with your heart. Every book you read will give you access to more tools and methods to activate and master your divine soul blueprint and your destiny. These are the changes that you will make to align yourself with your mastery within you, the divine soul plan. 





This program includes the mentorship of an ascended master who will guide you and mentor you throughout our ascension process. It is her divine soul blueprint to assist the planet in the ascension process at this time. 
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When you have taken so many classes, cerifications and training and you realize none of them are actually the highest divine plan for your life or destiny, then it is time to access your DIVINE SOUL BLUEPRINT and ACTIVATE IT