We have a group of ambassadors that work from across the world to help start the renewal process of the earth by simply sharing the books and tools to everyone in the world, you start to create change one soul at a time.


To join the Soul Mastery Ambassador program, you must be able to be ready to share with the world what you truly believe in and that is giving someone the basic tools to create a mastery way of life and start to live at your highest divine potential.


The best way to do this is to share on your public social media what you like about this program and how you apply it in your daily life.


You can add this program to anything that you involve yourself with such as business, therapy and workshops alike. Offering this program to your clients in any business will give you a added way to enhance your program and also use this system in your day to day activities in your projects.


It is truly the most dynamic way to receive any training whatsoever by incorporating this program with the one you have already created. Share the books and tools and you will see amazing results like giving more into account for all the amazing things you have to offer.


1. Have a following of over 20k
2. You must have frequent social activity or local community workshops, healing centers or retreats. 
3. You must be ready to ascend into who you truly are according to your divine soul blueprint that is your soul mission of every lifetime. (I have your blueprint to hand to you)
4. You must be able to post and share your experiences of the teachings in the program authentically from your soul, for others to actually find interest in the program in a genuine authentic manner. This program naturally calls souls to join and you will be an anchor on earth to allow this call to reach many souls in your vicinity. 
5. You must want to adhere to the divine within, the holy angels, the ascended masters and all the laws of God, which are revealed in all the scribed material. 
6. You will be enrolled in the DIVINE SOUL MASTERY ACADEMY as an ambassador, you must complete your coursework in due time and cover all materials at your pace and with divine time. 
7. You will have a free lifetime membership to all the scribed material by Anastasia Deva Ray & Elohim, ascended twin rays of the 7th ray of God.

We are choosing 1 Ascension Ambassador in every region, country or major city. Please apply here.